Service Set

Service Set

Volvo Penta Services offer sets in order to save your money and ensure your engine's top condition.

Impeller Set

Impeler set includes all necessary parts for the sea water pump's in water-tight condition; impeller, seal and glycerine.

Boat Set

Boat Set increases boat safety and contains all that is necessary to prevent a lost weekend on board because of one missing part.

Necessary Tool Set

This set is a must-have on board. Volvo Penta Tool sets are specifically designed for easy handeling and include not only high quality tools but also an oil-extraction pump, knife etc. Everything is neatly stored in a plastic box.

Z-drive Maintenance Set

Do-it.yourself set for owners that prefer performing simple maintenance by themselves. All sets contain zinc anodes, rubbers and spare parts that are necessary for annual maintenance.

Ignition Maintenance Set

With this set you are in advantage because you can perform the ignition set maintenance. All the necessary parts are included in this set.

Diesel Engine Service set

Contains oil and fuel filters, impeller and all the necessary seals.

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Please bear in mind that certain maintenances can only be performed by authorized Volvo Penta services.