Sailing training aboard X-Yachts

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Sail like a pro

Sail like a pro

Training program

Skillful and knowledgeable skipper guides you through 

  • basic theory (parts of ship and terminology, basic points of sailing, meteorology – wind, compass rose)
  • docking and casting off in ports and marinas with manoeuvres in tight places
  • using the wheel effect
  • docking the wheel effect
  • docking lengthwise
  • anchor manoeuvres under engine power and sail
  • docking under sail on a buoy
  • tacking and jibing
  • safety at sea, MOB, reefing sails, avoiding collisions at the sea
  • basic knots
  • Practical navigation and night sailing
Fast and furious

Fast and furious

Available periods

26 March (12:00h) - 29 March 2022 (12:00h)

30 March (09:00h) - 02 April 2022 (09:00h)

02 April (12:00h) - 05 April 2022 (12:00h)

07 April (09:00h) - 09 April 2022 (09:00h)

09 April (12:00h) - 12 April 2022 (12:00h)

13 April (09:00h) - 16 April 2022 (09:00h)

16 April (12:00h) - 19 April 2022 (12:00h)

20 April (09:00h) - 23 April 2022 (09:00h)

Spacious cabins

Spacious cabins


550 € per person 

950 € per cabin and single cabin use


  • accommodation in a double cabin aboard X43
  • fuel and final cleaning
  • skipper / instructor
  • visitor's tax


food and drinks for the entire crew and skipper, other marina fees


Start and finish port in Split Nava marina

Minimum of 4 confirmed participants or 2 booked cabins guarantee departure

Take a look at the beauty in question - one of four X43

Boat preview

Book your cabin now and learn from the best on the top sailing boats.

Don't forget to bring with you; 

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