Dalmatian Traditions

Get involved and enjoy the outcomes of your engagement


Visit traditional households and taste their products and help in the production - olive, fig, grape or lavender picking, making cheese and wine.

Explore man, nature, tradition and agriculture working together and witness the effort invested in the fruits of their labor. Getting your hands dirty might make you happy beyond all expectations.

Sailing route

  • Saturday - Sailing to Korcula
  • Sunday - Picking olives/grape/fig
  • Monday - Making cheese, tasting figs
  • Tuesday - Production of wine, tasting wine and cheese
  • Wednesday - Production homemade fig jam
  • Thursday - Picking olives/grape/fig
  • Friday - Picking lavender, fish for dinner
  • Saturday ­- Brunch and return to Split

This is only a route example that depends on the period you are interested in and the destination and activities that you are keen on visiting and participating in.


Some suggestions for planning your route and program:

  • product tasting
  • helping in production of traditional goods (figs, grapes, cheese, olives, olive oil, lavander etc.)
  • Moreska performance in Korcula
  • the story of falkusa or similar events and organized visits
  • carnival processions
  • a capella singing in a klapa

Take it easy, take it slowly, take your time to enjoy the simple life in Dalmatia. Depending on the season join in the production of wine or olive oil, help with

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