Culinary Adventures

Indulge your sense of taste with Mediterranean cuisine


The hostess or the chef will be happy to show you all the richness of Dalmatian cuisine and fill you in on some trade secrets.

Suggesting a wine selection for each course is also one of their specialties.

She/he will also recommend top restaurants in selected destinations and tell you some interesting facts about the food, the people and the scenery. 

Daily Highlights

  • Saturday - Dinner on Solta
  • Sunday - Lunch on Brac - enjoy homemade pasta with shrimps
  • Monday - Lunch on Hvar - try the mediterranean cuisine with homemade olive                           oil
  • Tuesday - Brunch on board - relax besides the amazing view on pakleni otoci
  •  Wednesday - Dinner - prosciutto and cheese
  • Thursday - Lunch - learn the basics of preparing fresh dishes
  • Friday - Brunch - fresh ingredients for a good start of the day

Mediterranean food

  • fresh preparation
  • lots of fish
  • olive oil, herbs, spices
  • seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • the Mediterranean diet has been inscribed as intangible UNESCO world heritage and Dalmatian cuisine is an inseparable part of the Mediterranean circle. A mixture of Italian, hints of Greek and French and even Turkish cuisine Dalmatian cuisine combines all these influences and creates some interesting but delicious dishes.
  • the best selection of  restaurants as true representatives of such cuisine

Learn how to prepare Dalmatian dishes or just enjoy all the delicacies prepared either by the hostess or local restaurant chefs. Take part in a cooking class, and taste Croatia's best meals - fresh seafood, fish, finest meat prepared in various ways and discover some trade secrets.

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