Charter Department


Experienced sea dogs as well as first time sailors will have no trouble finding a boat suited for your needs;

Our team will help with advice on the right boat for you and your group, provide an experienced skipper or hostess to make your vacation in Croatia even more carefree, suggest routes, arrange transfers or guided tours, supply groceries, introduce you to the chosen boat and ease your first moments on board. In short – anything your heart desires and needs.

In case you also bought a boat and realized it costs a lot of money to maintain it, charter management is a solution to all your problems. Nava will make sure your boat is well maintained and well booked.

Here's the team:

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Booking office

is here to help guests, agents and partners when booking a boat, we attend international boat and travel shows. And they're here to prepare everything for each charter (transfers, crew lists, boat provisioning, water toys, find a suitable skipper or hostess), 

Andrijana Ozretic runs the show and her job description includes (but is not limited to): booking, charter management, charter accounting communication with agents, following all charter payments, invoices and charter contracts for individuals and agencies, making sure that all boat owners receive their monthly and annual financial statements, and their income reports. Her perfect sense for timing and punctuality helps her to respect all deadlines and to successfully fulfill all of her duties. Andrijana has been with Nava for the past 10 years and outside work she loves to stay active with her family, friends and colleagues.

Lovorka Kalebic had some previous experience in other charter companies and is now an important part of Nava team. She takes care of all the details when a booking is made and that all individual wishes of guests are remembered and realized. She speaks English and Italian fluently and is still working on her Russian. When not working Lovorka loves to travel.

Josip Petricevic is the youngest addition in the team and also the only guy in the office. When he is not working with booking (he speaks English and Spanish) and sorting out documentation and papers and preparing statistics and analyses he likes playing football with his friends and going out.

Jelena Banovic has been with the company for a few years now but mostly with the marketing department (although she has always been helping out the charter department because she is fluent in English, German and French). She also publishes blogs to keep guests informed and edits the websites. Off work Jelena loves to spend time with her family, doing yoga, exploring either Croatian islands or European Metropolises or skiing.


Phone: +385 21 407700

Fax: +385 21 407701


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Charter base

Robert Ruzic (Riza) - supervises and realizes all the activities concerning the maintenance of the boats, marina and handover of boats to charter clients. He always likes to take it easy and is very patient with everyone. Riza keeps track of weather and other issues and calls each boat and skipper in case there is something really bad on the way. 

His right and sometimes even his left hand is Mateo

Together with Marko, Jure, Ivan and Petar they introduce boats to guests, ease their first moments on board a new boat and love to welcome repeated clients.

Nina and Sanja organize and supervise the cleaning crew and make sure that the boats and the marina are well supplied and clean.

Our second base and office in Slano are ready and well staffed with Ivan and Andriana

Phone: +385 98 419432

Fax: +385 21 407 711