Enjoy a safe sailing vacation in Croatia

Wednesday March 3, 2021

Enjoy a safe sailing vacation in Croatia

Following the COVID-19 outbreaks all around the world, everyone’s vacation plans for 2020 got rearranged. Now in 2021, we are all ready to make the most out of the summer. Wouldn’t it be lovely to just relax and pass the time basking in the sunlight? Without a doubt, when sailing, you get all this and much more. Treat yourself with a sailing holiday, the safest and most exciting option in the post-COVID world. 

National designation "Safe Stay in Croatia"


But how can you be one hundred percent sure the prescribed epidemiological measures and health safety recommendations are being taken by your charter company? The answer is right in front of you.

Croatia has had the Safe travels label since the beginning of COVID. 

In 2021, the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sport took another step to further ensure all travelers can enjoy Croatia to the fullest. They initiated a national designation of security protocols in tourism and hospitality called “Safe stay in Croatia.”

This way, you can easily identify destinations, accommodations, tourist attractions, and many other facilities that work according to the global standards for health and hygiene. To fully learn about this exceptional initiative, visit the official Safe Stay in Croatia website.

You are in good hands

Nautika Centar Nava is a part of the “Safe stay in Croatia” initiative. This label proves all our boats and facilities are maintained to the highest levels of hygiene, regularly cleaned and disinfected. You can check out our cleaning procedures, tools and products used or read more in our blog How Nava keeps their boat clean.

Our company is operating according to the current recommendations of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and the Croatian Institute of Public Health protocols. Upon arrival at our charter base, you will be immediately informed of the safety agreements and general rules to follow. 

The safety of our guests and our team comes first. We are always working on improving your charter experience and offering you a carefree vacation.

You are far, far away...

Sailing lets you isolate yourself with only a handful of dearest people and savor in the open sea. Recharge your batteries and regain your strength with the fresh sea air. The Adriatic is waiting for you!

If one of your sailing companions has the required certificates and you prefer having the boat just for yourself, we recommend a bareboat charter. You can have the food delivered onboard so you don’t have to worry about social distancing yourself from anyone. 

On the other hand, if your form of ideal vacation is having a crew that will pamper you, prepare gourmet meals, maintain your boat and effortlessly navigate it across all the secluded bays of Dalmatia, we recommend chartering a fully-crewed yacht. All our crew members keep up with the highest safety protocols to offer you the most enjoyable charter experience.


Your health is our priority and we will make sure your time in our marina and onboard our charter yachts goes smoothly. So don’t forget to express all of your concerns to our charter team. This helps us take extra steps to accommodate you and your sailing crew safely.


By Lucia at 3 Mar 2021, 14:38 PM