How Nava keeps boats clean

Friday May 29, 2020

How Nava keeps boats clean

While on your cruise, the last thing you would want to experience is a dirty or unhygienic boat. This certainly leads to discomfort, or even fear of catching the Coronavirus or any other disease. 

This is why  we have prepared a detailed overview of our cleaning process and everything we do before you actually step on board. Plus, here you will find some tips on how you keep the boat clean during your cruise. 

We certainly  take great pride in delivering perfectlyclean boats. Above all, our cleaning and laundry service team does a great job.  Several cleaning products and tools are used to keep every part of the boat clean (galley, toilet, etc.) Our laundry service team washes all the sheets and towels right after charter. New guests always have fresh and clean bedding.  

Laundry is washed at 90°+ for the maximum efficiency as bacteria or any virus cannot withstand high temperatures. 

According to some studies related to a previous outbreak of a similar Corona virus back in 2003, the virus cannot bear temperatures above 25° and sunlight. 

Therefor, boating in Croatia is a great way to spend your vacation. The weather is hot and with plenty of sunshine. Read more on why sailing is one of the safest vacation options out there in our previous blog. 


cleaning the toiletDefinitely one of the most crucial sections for maintaining high cleaning standards are the toilets.We always give it a great notice by using the most functional cleaning tools and products. Sanitar Fresh, Arf and vinegar are our main products in the bathroom. Using vinegar on top of Sanitar Fresh and Arf has proven to be an excellent addition to the cleaning mix. Vinegar is responsible for aggressively killing all bacteria left behind and it’s very effective and  eco-friendly. The intense smell vaporizes before you board the boat and the cleaning crew is not exposed to it for too long. 


Furthermore, Arf is  also used as the basic cleaner for the galley. It’s a great help in cleaning the sink but also in minimizing the bad odor of the vinegar. 

Since the galley is usually the most used area on the boat it’s often the dirtiest one as well. Here we use Ajax, Arf (for kitchen), and Likvi Bio (dishwashing liquid that’s great for the environment).

Keeping the galley clean, will be your task as well. Heavy daily usage requires only the best essentials: Ajax kitchen cleaner is very good for removing any grease and grime. Use it with a cloth or sponge and hot water. If you use cold water it will not be very efficient in removing grease that has been on surfaces for several hours or days. 

washing the dishesLikvi Bio is a very effective dishwashing liquid. We recommend washing the dishes after every use for maximum safety. Likvi Bio is also a very environmentally friendly product that cleans the dishes effectively. 

Other products

Ajax also has another product that we use for windows. It removes all dirty spots that aren’t easily cleaned after it rains or after  the salty water evaporates. All the dirty spots on the windows are easily removed with  it. After that, all you are left with are spotless windows. 

Last, but not least, we use Dezi Clean Disinfection. This liquid made up of alcohol, kills all microorganisms on surfaces. We use it before and after any guests on board or if the boat hasn’t been in use for a period of time. It’s very effective in keeping you safe from any harmful external viruses (such as corona) or bacteria that builds up on surfaces. 

All the products that we use have proven very efficient. 

Additional tips

Here are some additional tips for you and your crew:

Don’t forget to wash your hands and even face frequently. Or use a disinfectant for your hands. Keep all boat areas clean when heavily used. This is important for your health as well. 

Make sure to use a handkerchief when coughing or sneezing, to prevent droplets and transferring of viruses and bacteria.step on board and relax

Keep social distance from other sailors of at least 1.5 m in open spaces and 2 m in closed spaces. Use of a face mask and disposable gloves is optional but recommended in Croatia. 

The epidemic situation in Croatia is very favorable so enjoy your vacation (updated information is on the official site). We do hope  our recommendations and tips will be useful for you while on board. Also, by following our guidelines you help us maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.  

Here's a video of the procedures, products and tools we use: 



By Jelena & Marinela at 29 May 2020, 17:07 PM