Choose sailing - the safest vacation available

Wednesday May 20, 2020

Choose sailing - the safest vacation available

Planning a perfect and most importantly safe vacation for the year of 2020 has become quite challenging. But, we must say sailing seems like one of the best and safest vacation option out there.

Simply put, spending time on a motorboat, sailboat or catamaran is the easiest way to isolate yourself and your loved ones. It’s also ideal for reducing contact or if you wish, even canceling all communication with anyone else. It’s up to you, to create your own crowd and forget about the rest of the world while enjoying on board. Let’s not forget you get to enjoy a different view every day and explore pristine beaches, bays, islands as opposed to the same view you get in a hotel, private house or apartment. 

You choose your own crowd on board

The new normal has set unusual living habits. Repeated demands from experts and officials to keep the everyday social distance do seem a bit difficult and almost impossible. Fortunately, when speaking of sailing,  contact with strangers is minimized, and you choose your own crowd on board. While sailing in Croatia you can even reduce these contacts to the barest minimum by opting for a 0 marinas sailing route and staying only in secluded bays. 

The yacht becomes your second home, and provides everything you need for carefree enjoyment. It is self-Family time on boardsufficient and that’s why it’s the perfect accommodation. Depending on different models available you have large fuel and water tanks, water makers paired with generators or solar panels and large refrigerator and storage capacities for food and drinks are just some of the numerous advantages. 

We put safety first

Extreme hygienic procedures have always been part of our yacht cleaning process. And after every charter. If anything, we have only added and upgraded our safety and cleaning efforts and procedures because of the COVID-19 situation. One of the cleanest environments you’ll ever find is a boat. Our boats are cleaned taking into account all recommendations from competent authorities. 

Health benefits of a yacht vacation

Healing effects of any vacation needs no scientific confirmation. But we can’t resist to point out major benefits that sailing vacations can bring for your mind, soul and your body.

Log off - As the world keeps dragging you into the digital sphere, deciding to stop to log off might be the best decision to improve your everyday life. Sailing is a perfect way to forget about your usual routine and to recharge your batteries to the fullest. 

Fresh air - Furthermore, fresh air is an ideal disinfectant. For example, researches show that frequent airing of rooms kills flu virus and any harmful germs. Open-air always trumps indoor air. So, use the benefits of fresh sea air as much  as possible.

Salt is the cure - Seawater has always had a positive effects on the human’s body and its anti-stress outcome is always more than welcome. The Adriatic Sea is especially healthy since it contains over 80 minerals and elements. For example: zinc, manganese, magnesium, copper, sodium, calcium, chlorine, bicarbonate etc. Furthermore, the Adriatic’s salinity exceeds averages with over 38%. Moreover, the entirety of the seawater in the Adriatic exchanges in only 3.3 years (whereas in some seas the process takes up to 40 years). Therefore, use the benefits: float and swim in the Adriatic to release tension and stress and breath in sea air since it helps microscopic salt atoms reach the deepest areas of pulmonary alveoli.

“Sunshine Vitamins” - the sun has proven to be a frightening “weapon” against bacteria. Exposure to sunlight drives the human body to produce vitamin D. Along with vitamin C, vitamin D is extremely powerful in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Moreover, it’s the lack of vitamin D in the winter periods when we are not getting enough sunlight, that makes us more susceptible to infections and even depression. Certainly, staying on a boat all day will have its positive effects on your immune system.

Easy workout - Don’t feel bad if you don’t like exercising. Luckily, yacht charter comes together with a lot of fun physical activities. You’ll be working out so many muscles even without noticing it. In addition to the actual sailing, there’s also snorkeling, swimming, stand up paddleboarding. There’s simply so much to do at sea.

Bringing Croatian paradise to you

Pakleni islands in the sunsetCroatian natural beauties, crystal clear sea, hidden coves and more than one thousand islands are the ideal paradise you need for this summer. Exploring the beautiful Adriatic coast makes you forget about the changes we’ve all been through and leaves only unforgettable memories. Enjoy having some of the most crowded bays, towns and areas almost all to yourself. Start your sailing vacation in Split and head off to Hvar town, Vinogradisce bay, Vis and Komiza, Stiniva beach and even Blue Cave (you need to announce your group one day in advance directly to Marija at +385 91 4633330 in order to ensure your visit)  Or, start in our second base in Slano and relax in Korcula, National Park Mljet, Saplunara Beach and Dubrovnik. Of course. if you choose a one-way Split-Slano or Slano-Split you can pack all these usually very crowded sites in just one week. 

Medically favorable Covid-19 situation

Restrictions imposed by the Croatian authorities at the very start of the pandemic have proven to be very efficient. Consequently, our numbers of infected and fatal cases are much smaller compared to other countries. Feel free to check the Croatian official coronavirus web page to learn the latest numbers and most important information. Since the number of recovered cases is growing faster than the number of newly infected people, life is returning pretty much to almost normal. Wearing masks and gloves in shops, public transport and public places is not obligatory but recommended. Disinfection is obligatory. Restaurants and cafés are currently only allowed to serve food and drinks on open terraces respecting the recommended distance of 1.5 m between guest tables. 

Favorable conditions in Croatia make it an ideal summer destination since the risk is now at a minimum. Border checkpoints for vehicles are already open to charterers. All you need is a crew list (unconfirmed status of the crew list is also valid), that confirms your reservation along with valid travel documents of all crew members. Sailing is allowed all throughout Croatia. In order to speed things up at the border all travelers are kindly asked to fill in this form online. 

New booking policy

Important note is that all future bookings have amended booking policy. This means lower deposit amount (only 30% instead of 50%). The remaining amount is due 30 days before charter start. In case the coronavirus situation prevents you from coming, a full deposit refund is guaranteed. 

New special offer for direct bookings

Another important novelty is that the boat price includes a SUP board, transfer from and to the airport and a start package. The transfer is done only in cooperation with trustworthy partners that abide by the strictest cleaning and safety protocols and recommendations. The start package includes basic breakfast groceries, water, fruits and vegetables delivered and stored on board before your arrival. For this great offer, contact our booking team and start planning your safest and healthiest sailing vacation. In case you’d like more provisions to wait for you on the boat our booking team will gladly help arrange everything to maximize your safety.

By Marinela & Jelena at 20 May 2020, 17:18 PM