Why start your next sailing vacation in Croatia in Slano!?

Tuesday July 2, 2019

Why start your next sailing vacation in Croatia in Slano!?

Why start your next sailing vacation in Croatia in Slano!?

When it comes to planning out our vacation time, every detail matters! That couldn't be truer when we are talking about sailing vacations. You have to think about the boat, the weather conditions, the time and the destinations you want for your trip. It is safe to say that knowing where you start and end your charter is one of the most important aspects of planning.

So, if Croatia is on your list of next sailing destinations we have the best place to start your adventure - in Slano! The marina there is brand new (only opened in 2016) and it is going to bring your chartering experience to the next level! 

South Dalmatia

Slano is a cute little place located in the southern part of Dalmatia region in Croatia. This hidden treasure is only 12 NM north of Dubrovnik (37 km by car or bus). In the past, Slano was a small village where people based their lives on fishing, agriculture, sailing and trading. Today, Slano is known for its beautiful beaches, both sand and pebble, and as an excellent base to start sailing in Croatia. 

Strategic Location

Choosing Slano as your start base will give you an advantage over other marinas in and close to Dubrovnik. ACI Marina Slano is right on the spot for sailing to the islands with no set backs. In comparison, for getting out of the ACI Marina in Dubrovnik (Komolac) there is a speed limit of 5 Nm that will take you around 40 minutes just to reach the full holiday mode. Plus, the police is quite active and attentive there and they show no mercy to violators. 

When sailing to surrounding islands, Slano also has the “upper hand”:

Distance to in NM






ACI Slano






ACI Dubrovnik







New routes

If you are already an experienced sailor in Croatia but want to sail off to new adventures, the islands of South Dalmatia just might be the perfect choice for you! Starting in Slano will offer you the possibility to choose new routes. Amazing places such as Sipan, Polace, Trpanj, Kocula, Lastovo and Dubrovnik are close by. Get some additional inspiration through some of our suggested routes such as Nature, traditions and dining in the south, ideal for those seeking a relaxing experience. 

One-way charter is a one-way to success

Sunset-in-SlanoLet's be honest, what we love about vacations is the feeling of experiencing something new and discovering the unknown. Sometimes, though, we are forced to repeat destinations for practical reasons. Great planning of your sailing vacation will allow you to avoid this and when chartering a boat as a one-way there will absolutely be no need to re-dock at any destination. Adding Slano as your start or endpoint gives you the possibility to explore, enjoy and indulge more in just one week. Contact our Charter Team and check availability and make sure that your experience in Croatia is unique and with no repetitions! 


Slano is also the right choice for those looking for a more exclusive chartering experience in Croatia. With way fewer people than in Split or in Dubrovnik, Slano base offers a calm, Nava-base-in-Slanostress-free and unique check-in and check-out procedures for you. And Nava’s staff as well as marina staff are extremely kind and helpful. Where else are you able to relax over a nice drink at the pool bar and cool down while you wait for your boat to be ready? The complimentary swimming pool is definitely one of the major benefits of the marina. 


To ensure you make a good decision by adding Slano as your charter base in Croatia, here is some basic info regarding its facilities. ACI Marina Slano is equipped with 193 berths, ranging from 2,5 to 15 m depth and Nautika centar Nava keeps 9 catamarans there and is ready to help you in any way to enhance your overall charter experience. The ACI marina also has:

  • several ATMs

  • currency exchange

  • parking spots at additional charge

  • launderette

  • Wi-Fi

  • fully accessible toilets and showers

  • water and electricity free of charge

  • discharging of blackwater tanks at no extra charge

Download our base info

Slano-pool-barApart from that, in Slano you will also find the time to relax before the beginning or at the end of the charter, for instance in the restaurant Perast with the aforementioned swimming pool with bar. All this makes Slano a great start or ending spot of your sailing vacation in Croatia. 

Slano is a tiny place and the post office, additional ATMs, shops, pharmacy, ambulance, restaurants, cafés, port authority and produce stand are at 5 min. walking distance (600 m). Bigger shopping needs to be done in a bigger shopping center such as Dubrovnik or Metković, along the way, or pre-ordered through us. 

By Rafael & Jelena at 2 Jul 2019, 09:54 AM