Sailing through Hidden Croatia

Tuesday March 6, 2018

Sailing through Hidden Croatia

1. Stiniva bay, island of Vis

The charming beach is located on the southern slopes of Vis. It is accessible on foot (very steep and strenuous path) but the majority of visitors come by boat. The sight of impressive cliffs surrounding the tiny pebble beach were probably part of a cave once. Make sure you arrive there early enough, because of many boats and excursion trips that are sailing there daily in high-season. You might also want to try climbing up the rocks and jump into the clear blue or hike a bit to enjoy the view from above.

2. Cavesundefined

There are many caves to discover in Croatia, due to limestone bedrock. One of the most popular caves to see is the Blue Cave in Bisevo. Bisevo is a small island, near Komiza on the island of Vis. This cave would be dark if it wasn’t for the light that comes from underneath the water. The sunlight reflects from the sandy sea floor and makes it so blue and unique. Yachts Croatia has written an amazing article solely about the Island and you can find it here. Other interesting caves are the Green Cave (island of Ravnik, also near Vis), Sea Monk cave (also on the island of Bisevo), Odyssey’s cave on the island of Mljet etc. 

3. Lovrecina beach, near Postira

It is a sandy beach located 4 kilometers away from Postira on the island of Brac, and it is easily accessible by boat. A rich pine forest that surrounds the beach provides shade and adds to the ambiance.

4. Beaches in Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok is a hidden paradise in Croatia. This island is the place to relax and feel the “pomalo” philosophy, as the locals say. There are many beaches you may want to visit here. For example, the sandy Sakarun beach, which is surrounded by pine trees and offers many facilities, or the Brbinjscica bay, with no amenities since it is a secluded bay. Enjoy swimming by the cliffs, snorkel or take a dive and explore the cave. Or admire the impressive cliffs from a top. 

5. Lastovo islandundefined

This is Croatia’s second most distant island, after Vis. Here you have the cleanest waters, good for swimming and diving. The island also offers great walks, hikes and bike tracks since it is a nature park. Take the opportunity to escape your modern way of life, turn off your Wi-Fi and possibly your phone and get lost in nature and calmness. The island is still quiet, but more and more people seem to be interested in it, so you better sail to it before it gets over-crowded. Read more about this hidden oasis on Yachts Croatia.

6. Lopud, Elaphiti Islands

Back in the 17th century, the aristocrats of Dubrovnik used to sail to Lopud. There are still no cars on the island. It is a small island with a small harbor and life there is as simple as it gets. To reach the other side of the island you only need to walk 2 kilometers, passing through alleys and streets with palm trees and discovering the pine-edge cove.

How many hidden spots from our list have you managed to visit or are planning to visit?

What are your favorite hidden spots in Croatia? Feel free to share them with us. 


By Marilena & Jelena at 6 Mar 2018, 14:38 PM