Best nightlife in Croatia

Tuesday July 31, 2018

Best nightlife in Croatia

Best nightlife in Croatia

Is best experienced by boat because the awesome beach parties, beach clubs and dance clubs are evenly dispersed throughout the coastline and perfect for sailing from one party point to the next.  

Pag Island

When someone thinks of Pag Island, most likely two things will come to their minds: “the party island” or “the Croatian Ibiza”. And the reason for that? The famous Zrce beach, where the parties never stop during summer.

Some of the most popular beach clubs on Zrće beach are Papaya, Aquarius, and Noa Beach Club. They are open all day long and usually in the morning you can chill there and enjoy refreshments. The later it gets, the more intense the tunes become and the party starts.

Many of Croatia’s music festivals are taking place on this beach. Hideout, an underground electronic music festival, or the Fresh Island, a hip-hop music festival, are just 2 of the many festivals that become the reasons that thousands of music lovers gather together to listen to famous DJ’s playing music until the morning.

Murter - Tisno

Apart from the sandy beaches and small astonishing bays, Tisno is quite famous for the Garden Festival which takes place there. But that is just one of Tisno’s festivals. Among others, there is also, Love International festival and Electric Elephant.

Each festival brings DJ's and fans that share the same passion for music and turns Tisno into an absolute party place. Various music festivals bring all kinds of music, from Afro to jazz and hip-hop.


Being the largest city on the Adriatic, Split offers some of the best parties throughout the year. Some of the most popular places for party lovers in Split are Vanilla, near the Poljud stadium and Zenta which is situated a bit outside the center but right near the sea. Also, at Fabrique, at the end of Riva, you can first have a delicious dinner in a wonderful ambiance, and then party at the DJ’s tunes. Nevertheless, it’s good to have a plan after that, since the party there won’t last until morning. We highly recommend the Central club, which is only 2 minutes walk from Fabrique, right in the center near the theater.

The highlight of partying in Split, happens in July, when the Ultra Europe Festival, starts in the Poljud stadium

Hvar Island

Hvar is also one of the islands that are considered popular for partying. Hula Hula is a famous beach bar in Hvar, where during the day you can enjoy some chill-out music and very good food while sunbathing on a sunbed

Later, the chill out music turns to loud music tunes and the place turns to a crazy after-beach dance floor. 

Kiva Bar is recommended if you are looking for good old-fashioned fun. There you will find an international and young crowd and affordable drinks, as well as music that will keep you up all night. Pink Champagne is another choice you have on the island. This indoor club introduces you every night from 2 A.M. until 6 A.M. to the indoor nightlife of H

var. Situated in the heart of the town, the club offers an underground mood with famous DJ's that will make your nights there unforgettable.

The last bar we recommend: Carpe Diem. This is a more classy bar, with celebrities of the island coming here to enjoy their cocktails in the VIP zone. For the rest, Carpe Diem is still a fancy and fun destination, with prices a little higher than average but the cocktails are really excellent.

Makarska - Club Deepundefined

Club Deep in Makarska offers a different clubbing experience. Built in a cave with a view of the sea, this club is unique. The cave used to be a weapons' depot during WW II. Now it's a great party place, with amazed visitors that feel lucky to have been there. Partying in a cave by the sea says it all.

Korcula - Boogie Jungle Lounge Bar

Anytime you want to visit it, it’s there. Boogie Jungle is open 24 hours per day but is especially popular in the evening hours. It is located about a 15 minute's walk from the historic city core, but free transport is provided by a shuttle mini bus service. There are regular theme nights, such as 80's nights, so you might want to check that before going. This is a chilled-out and laid-back party place, recommended if you want to get out of the typical club partying.

Vis - Fort George

undefinedVis is a beautiful and magic island. Everybody knows that. The best place to be if you want to watch an astonishing, chilled sunset - is no other then Fort George. Enjoy the view of the setting sun with a cocktail or a glass of wine. The venue offers food if you want a romantic dinner. Later in the night, it turns to a dance floor, where people from all over the island gather to party hard.

So there you have it, some of the best nightlife places to be in Croatia. Choose your catamaran, sailboat or motorboat and start planning your party route in Croatia. In order to stay on the safe side, we recommend hiring a skipper that will bring you safely from one destination to the next so you can stay in party and chillaxing mode the whole time. 

By Marilena, Jelena & Ena at 31 Jul 2018, 15:09 PM