Safe Sailing in Croatia

Wednesday November 8, 2017

Safe sailing in Croatia

The weather is nice, the sea is calm, your boat, yacht or catamaran is waiting for you to sail, and you are thinking: Could anything go wrong? We don’t like the idea either, but if you do nothing to prevent problems, unfortunately, the answer is yes.  Here is some advice to keep you safe on board while sailing in Croatia!  

Essentials on board
Our boats are equipped with all the necessary Navigational, Boat and most importantly Safety equipment. Safety equipment includes a life jacket for every person on board, life jackets for kids, life buoy with lighting device, signal flares bilge pump, fire extinguisher and a safety raft (for larger boats). 

We’ll show you the location of the lifejackets, boat’s pharmacy and First Aid-kit and other safety equipment during the check-in procedure (or your skipper will do that for you).

Revise your knowledge on distress signals and how to operate them properly. For instance: read the instruction manual to make sure you understand how to use them correctly, then move to the edge of the boat, turn your back to the wind, use gloves if possible, use the signal rocket launcher with your dominant hand and signal flares with your non-dominant hand, look away and close your eyes to protect them.

Life jackets

Wearing life jackets during sailing is a good idea especially when it comes to children. While sailing it is mandatory and at anchor optional depending on their swimming skills.  

Avoid alcohol

Of course sailing is fun and alcohol often goes with fun. Alcohol affects your judgment, vision, balance and coordination so the skipper should keep it to a minimum and only when safely anchored.

Knowing First Aid

Knowing First Aid essentials is very handy. Accidents can always happen and it is important to know how to deal with injuries, especially in cases when you are far away from the shore.

Enroll in a boater education class

Sailing lessons will not only be fun, but they will also make you feel much more confident and safe. Safety on board might require some effort, but it is definitely worth it. Even if you have had sufficient training you might feel a bit unsecure about a new destination such as Croatia. It is a mesmerizing destination with lots to see, visit and do, so it might be a good idea to hire a skipper first time around. Because you will definitely be wanting to come back and then you’ll be on familiar waters and much more confident of your sailing skills.

Safety for Kids

As mentioned above, wearing a life jacket is very important when kids are on board. A useful tip is to always have a dry blanket or towel, as kids are at higher risk of hypothermia. Keep them occupied with games, cards, crayons and some papers. More tips in our previous blog Kids on board.

Be prepared

It’s always useful to have a good plan of where you want to go and to check if your boat has any potential restrictions for that particular destination (e.g. boat features such as height or draft). A back-up plan, might come in handy, in case weather or other conditions change. The Adriatic Sea in Croatia is pretty calm and placid but summer storms and weather changes are possible so you need check the weather forecast before you start your journey and especially during the cruise. This might mean slight changes in your original plans but that’s better than regretting your poor decision afterwards. More on the weather on the Adriatic in one of our next blogs.

Have one of your passengers serve as a lookout in addition to the operator

This is especially important if you are a beginner. Two are always better than one when it comes to sailing. If you are operating the boat alone, without a professional skipper choose a person to be responsible for looking out. Drivers have co-drivers and pilots have co-pilots. Sailors can have co-sailors, too!

Remember – we are connected!

In case of emergency or any kind of concern or malfunction, you can reach us via a VPN cellphone which is directly connected to our company or via the VHF station through the surveillance channel (channel 16).

We hope you'll enjoy sailing in Croatia safely and if you have additional questions or comments regarding safety on board feel free to send them at

By Marilena & Jelena at 8 Nov 2017, 14:51 PM