10 boating tips for beginners in Croatia

Friday November 17, 2017

10 boating tips for beginners in Croatia

1. Preparation is key

Plan your route before the trip. Having a back-up plan in case weather or other conditions do not allow the original plan is also a good idea. If you will not be hiring a skipper we will be happy to help out but you should have a good idea of where you would like to go and what you would like to do. When you are making these plans keep in mind some boat’s features that might limit your boat trip (e.g. depth and height of your boat). In addition, you should check the weather and wind conditions in Croatia before your trip to be as prepared as possible. The official Croatian weather forecasts can be found on the meteo website. It might also be a good idea to check the Norwegian site.

We’ll provide a weather report when you arrive to our office and point out if there are any warnings but checking for regular updates of the weather conditions means staying on the safe side. Let us know if you have children or pets on board and you require a safety net. Ready for the next tip for sailing?

2. Life-jackets & Safety Equipment

It is important to be aware of all the safety rules and have the necessary safety equipment on board. Stay on the safe side and make kids wear a life jacket at all times (especially during sailing). During check-in procedure we'll show you the location of all safety equipment and it’s a good idea to also brief your crew about it. A more detailed guide on how to be safe on board read our previous blog.  

3. Refueling

When refueling be careful which fuel you choose (inboards usually take diesel and outboard engines petrol/gasoline, if you are not sure, double check with our staff) and check that the nozzle is properly inserted.

4. Brief your crew!

Introduce your crew to the boat, the safety procedures and how to use the safety equipment and radio in case you as a skipper will not be able to do so. 

5. Anchoring

“Anchor as though you plan to stay for weeks, even if you intend to leave in an hour.” - Tommy Moran.

This is also an important tip for beginners in boating. Check the navigational charts and guides to find the best possible location for anchorage (keep in mind depth, wind, currents, permissions and vicinity to land).

6. Always one call away

In case of emergency or any kind of concern or if you just need to ask something, you can reach us via a VPN cellphone which is directly connected to our company (just dial 224 for base manager) or via the VHF station through the surveillance channel (channel 16).

7. Papers and Documentation

Always have your papers in order and ready for police or port authority control. They usually check IDs, boating and VHF license, crew list, boat documents and your crew’s IDs.

8. Watch out where you are going

Power boats are not allowed to plane within 300 m from the coast, otherwise you might be facing fines from 1.000 to 15.000 kn (130 to 2.000 €). Make sure that your boat is always at a safe distance from other boats at sea. Also keep in mind the depth of the area. 

9. Waste disposal and Black water tanks

Save your garbage until you reach a marina, where you might even be able to recycle some of it. Here is a map of all the recycle Bin locations along the coast. We can work together to keep the sea clean for generations to come. Emptying of black water tanks is allowed at a distance of more than 12 nautical miles from the nearest land or inquire if the local marina has a black water tank disposal system. 

10. Please be nice to our boat!

Take care of the boat and the equipment as if it were your own and make sure your crew does the same. As you have checked-in to a good boat, don’t forget that the next client would also enjoy this privilege. 

So here you have your 10 most important tips about boating. We'd love to hear any of your questions about sailing in Croatia or if you wish to add something to our boating tips for beginners list.

By Marilena & Jelena at 17 Nov 2017, 13:37 PM