Guide for Bareboating in Croatia

Tuesday December 5, 2017

Guide for Bareboating in Croatia

Bareboat charter is a great experience. Skippered or crewed charter is relaxing and carefree and bareboat yacht charter in Croatia is a bit more demanding but fascinating and adventurous. The cruise is completely in your hands. If you are interested in bareboating charter in Croatia, you must have lots of questions, so here are the answers. 

When should I go?

The most popular season for bareboat sailing in Croatia is, of course, during summer. If you plan to book a bareboat in Croatia in July and August, make it sooner rather than later as the best boats get booked earlier (by March there is only a week here or there so you need to be more flexible with dates or be extremely lucky). The weather is really warm during these months, or too hot some might say so you’ll be seeking refreshment in the sea, a lot.

Have in mind, though, that the sun is almost always shining from April until September. For those seeking a quieter cruise in Croatia, consider May, June and September and April and October could also be quite appealing. The off-season sailing conditions are much better for sailing aficionados. Bareboat yacht or catamaran hire is also more affordable outside peak season.

What else should I consider when booking?

Arrival - Book your flights well in advance to ensure your seats and good prices. Split and Dubrovnik airports are well connected to all major European cities through some of the usual airlines: Smartwings, Eurowings, SAS, Finnair, Norwegian Air International, Volotea, easyJet, Ryanair, Vueling, KLM Cityhopper, Transavia, Eurowings, Lufthansa, Iberia etc. Let us know if your need us to organize a transfer from the airport to our marina for you. 

If you are planning to arrive by car make sure to plan the route and take traffic jams and delays into account, expect several kilometer long queues in high season. The two free public parking lots next to our main marina in Split are charged as of November 2019 so only the Uvala baluni alley is now free of charge. Prepare to pay 48 HRK (6.56 EUR) per day from October till May and 60 HRK (8.1 EUR) per day from June till September. You're more than welcome to request a private parking space with our local partner. 

Insurance - While booking the flights consider taking travel insurance as well. The charter boats are, of course, insured, however, leaving a security deposit in the amount of the franchize is necessary during the check-in procedure. That's why it might also be a good idea to damage deposit waiver insurance for your charter with your local insurance agent. This way you'll be able to sail away ready for any circumstance and insured no matter what.  

Where should I go?

With our two charter bases – one in Split and the other one in Slano (at 35 km from Dubrovnik), the sea is the limit. It is good to have a planned sailing route. Choose from one of our suggested routes or ask for our help in planning your own.

You can change your itinerary anytime, but it’s better to have something planned to minimize wasting time and stressing on board, while you could be sailing to your next destination. A good route plan will enable you to see everything that you want to see.   

What licenses and certificates are required by law when bareboating in Croatia?

In order to be able to rent a bare boat, at least one person on board should have a valid nautical license and a VHF license. In Croatia, these licenses are issued by the Port Authorities. Here is the list of valid and accepted licenses for bareboat charter in Croatia. Please bring your original documents with you on board.

You will also need a crew list. Please send us the information (name, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, nationality and place of residence) of all your crew members before your arrival in order to speed up the embarkation process. At check-in procedure, we just confirm the crew list with you and print it out and insert it in the boat book along with other important boat papers (boat registration, insurance policy, radio frequency registration). 


It’s good to know how much it costs to charter a yacht to sail the beautiful Croatian coast.

Boat rent - the majority of the total budget will be the charter price. It depends on the boat type, size, model and year of production. Here is the full charter price list of all our boats. Additional obligatory cost that is charged with the boat price is final cleaning (comfort package for catamarans) and it depends on the boat size and type. Visitor's tax (sojourn/tourist tax) is another obligatory cost that is charged during the check-in procedure at the marina and it depends on the number of persons staying on board. The cost is 10 HRK (1.35 EUR) per adult per day, 5 HRK (0.68 EUR) for teens and free of charge for kids. 

Fuel is next. This expense will depend on your vessel’s consumption. The amount of fuel you will need also depends on how much you want to travel per day instead of staying at the same place and on the type the boat: sailboats consume between 4 and 10 l per hour, catamarans between 8 and 18 liters and motorboats between 70 and 150 liters. And let’s not forget that sailboats and catamarans sail and can, therefore, save you significant amounts of fuel. From 100 to 300 € per week is the expected cost for sailboats and catamarans. Motorboats are harder to estimate because the cost depends on the engine power, speed and the route you select. 

Provisioning - you also have to eat while sailing and usually everyone is much hungrier when on board. You have two options; preparing your own meals on board or eating in restaurants. You will probably do both. When it comes to drinking, be careful with alcohol. Designated skipper should avoid it when sailing but when at anchor for the night he/she can indulge in a glass or two. It would be a total shame not to try some of Croatia’s excellent wine sorts. 100 - 200 € per person per week should be enough depending on your preferences. Learn where to supply your boat in our main base in Split and second base in Slano

Mooring fees - The last expense that should be taken into account with any charter, are mooring fees. The fee depends on where you are mooring, for how long (hours or days), the size (length and beam) and season. Mooring a small to average boat (around 12 m mooring-in-vinogradisce-hvarlong) for one day will cost you from 50 euros to 110 euros. These are prices from June to September. During the rest of the year, the cost is lower - the average price for a day is approximately 60 euros. Don’t forget prices for catamarans are usually 50% or even 80% higher than for mono-hulls. Mooring in small coves is usually much cheaper or even free if you go out for dinner in the local restaurant that tends to the buoys or mooring lines. 

Plan activities off board beforehand

Bareboat sailing in Croatia is great for tasting Croatian food and wines in restaurants, family farms or buying in small shops and at local markets. Other suggestions and ideas are: scuba diving, wine tasting, hiking, caving or canoeing excursions with local guides. To plan your sailing route better, and also to stay in budget, it’s better to know in advance what things you would like to do and where. We offer SUPs (stand up paddle boards), snorkel sets, water skis, jet skis or kayaks for rent in our base so you can explore the immediate surroundings at your own pace every time you drop your anchor.

If you have more questions or information you need feel free to contact us at and we'll be happy to help you plan your bareboating vacation in Croatia by finding you a fine boat and arranging all the details with you. 

By Marilena & Jelena at 5 Dec 2017, 10:05 AM