Kids on board

Thursday April 13, 2017

Kids on board


Going on a sailing trip and bringing your children with you is definitely possible. You’ll make unforgettable memories and spend quality time with your family in a unique setting. As kids have different needs in comparison to adults, preparation is key!

FOOD – lots of snacks! Kids get hungry frequently even more so spending the day outside all day long and around water. Having babies or toddlers on board – a menu plan is the best way to go, although baby food is accessible practically in even the smallest local shops.

SAFETY REGULATIONS – discuss them with your kids before the trip, if possible. Point out the difference in the living conditions on a boat. Living in smaller space and having limited on board facilities requires some adaptation and your kids should be aware of that. Don’t forget to mention the importance of being tidy and keeping the boat clean.

CLOTHING – must be considered in advance and in accordance with the local weather forecast. If the weather is hot, light cotton clothing, hats, sunglasses and comfortable soft shoes are a must. Always have a weather- or waterproof jacket somewhere close, in case of some bad weather.

LIFEGUARD VEST – and the correct size (we can prepare all the vests in advance just let us know the weight of every child).

SUNSCREEN with a high SPF is mandatory

MEDICINES – such as seasickness and flu medicines (although our pharmacy kit on board already contains pretty much everything you need).


Best place to sleep is usually the aft cabin berth, since it has less motion than in the bow area.

Having-fun-on-the-trampolineThe trampoline, also known as safety net, located in the front part of a catamaran, offers stability and it’s a great place for children when the boat is safely anchored.

Playing with your kids is very important to keep them entertained and it’s a good way to enjoy your family time. Cards, board games, papers and crayons are some of the activities that can keep your kids busy and help them having fun on the boat. And let's not forget water toys - SUP, snorkeling and jumping for bigger kids and swimming and exploring beaches and coves for younger ones. 

Good planning and supervision are cruicial for an enjoyable and fun sailing vacation with kids on board in Croatia!

By Mariana & Jelena at 13 Apr 2017, 10:31 AM