SUPerb holiday with water toys

Wednesday July 6, 2016

SUPerb holiday with water toys

SUPerb holiday in Croatia with water toys

[Updated 20 June 2020]

Water toys can spice up any holiday especially on board our boats! We have a wide selection of water toys available at our charter bases in Split and Slano but it's necessary to arrange and book them in advance. 


One of the most popular water toys in the past 10-15 years. Perfect for exploring every cove, bay and beach and having fun! It's easy and like walking on water. It takes a bit of practice but once you find your good stand and balance it becomes a child's play. You can even take smaller children with you (as long as they can sit or kneel still). Some of our boats already have a SUP board included in the price. Check the equipment or check with our booking team. 

Otherwise, we offer only top quality SUP boards for rent in our bases. 
SUP - 150 € / week
2 SUP - 120 € / week / SUP
3 SUP - 100 € / week / SUP


Brand-new watertoy! Only available at Nava. It's a small inflatable dinghy for everyone to learn to sail. The French design and innovative technology enables sailing even in the lightest of winds. They're easy to maneuver and we'll assemble them for you to take on board (usually it takes about 20-30 minutes to assemble one and they fit into just 2 bags!) Since it has no boom it means no blows to the head! 

The Tiwal 2 holds up to 150 kg. Approximately one adult and one kid or an adult and two smaller kids. If the kids have previous sailing experience let them sail on their own. Just keep an eye on them. 

Tiwal 2 - 300 € per week 

The Tiwal 3 has more space on board. It carries up to 200 kg (up to 2 adults, or 1 adult with 2 kids). So, plenty of fun is guaranteed.Aluminum hiking racks and strong built make it suitable for all types of weather

Tiwal 3 - 350 € per week


Snorkel sets

Discover the beauty underneath: different sorts of fish, bright red starfish, orchids, octopus, seashells, corals, sponges, hypocampi etc. Remember, Croatia is no Great Barrier Reef! So don't expect to find Nemo and Dory here but still the underwater life is fascinating. 

Snorkel set 15 € / set / week


You either love fishing or find it boring. Give it a try but first get a license at the Ministry of Fisheries website. We recommend getting the the recreational sea license for 7 days for C4 because it covers the biggest surface. It costs 300 HRK (approximately 40 EUR). 

Nava offers a fishing set consisting of a set of fishing rods, leads, hooks and baits at 150 €/week

We hope you'll be able to put some fish on the table. For instance, sea bass (orada), sea bream (brancin), common pandora (arbun), mackerel (skusa), chub mackerel (lokarda), monkfish (grdobina), dentex (zubatac) or John Dory (kovac). 


Paddle away, get a good work-out and a perfect tan while paddling in one of our 2 or 3-seaters. Explore the beautiful coves you anchor in. 

From 200 € per week.


Swim and dive at full speed and steer just by shifting your body weight. The electric engine is quite powerful. You only need to watch out the battery level, power used, depth and sea temperature. 

From 1.200 € per week

+ delivery fee for our base in Slano


Be sure to book your water toy in advance via e-mail. We cannot guarantee availability during check-in.

We wish you a SUPerb holiday in Croatia and feel free to share your impressions, photos and videos with us! 

By Jelena at 6 Jul 2016, 10:16 AM