Stress-free check-out

Monday September 28, 2015

Stress-free check-out

A real stress-free check-out starts on Friday…

There are several advantages to making it to check-out on Friday and avoiding a hectic Saturday check-out that can be prolonged all throughout the morning.

  • Exploring Split! The city of Split has evolved into an important destination for all generations – the cozy atmosphere in restaurants and cafés or the perfect blend of the cosmopolitan and local spirit will not leave you indifferent. This blog features some suggestions on how to spend your time in Split

  • If you have an early flight or transfer on Saturday, the only way to make it is to do the check-out on Friday

  • One other plus of getting back earlier is the lesser queue at the petrol station. Or you could even refuel in Milna or in Rogač and use sails to reach Split or real economic drive (depending on weather conditions and unfortunately not possible on motorboats :-)

  • You can enjoy a leisure last breakfast on board on Saturday

  • You can browse other boats after guests have left them on Saturday morning in stead of waiting for the check-out procedure to end and pick your favorite for your next cruise. We will be happy to advise you and discuss your plans and wishes.

The procedure itself

undefinedOur base employees will board your boat as soon as possible and go through the check-in/-out list and determine that everything is in order. If you encountered some problems on your cruise and damaged something we will make an assessment if it was the normal wear and tear damage in which case you will not be charged. We mentioned some of the most common damages that happen in our previous blog on the check-in procedure so we hope you were able to avoid them. Underwater parts are checked by our long-term partner – Miro, the diver. In case you booked a skipper through us the skipper is responsible for that part.

After your boat has been examined by our team and Miro, you just need to come by the office and retrieve your deposit (in case you had a minor damage we will issue an invoice so that you can ask for a refund with your insurance company). We'd also love to hear your impressions and would appreciate if you'd be willing to fill out our Euminia survey – we welcome any suggestions and comments you might have in order to improve our future service.

After the check-out has been over and done with it would be a great time for your charter party to explore the city of Split. 

Check-out on Saturday

If you have a late flight or you simply just want to enjoy your vacation to the last minute the latest hour to return to our marina is Saturday until 8:30 AM and you need to be ready to disembark the boat immediately.

Please, bear in mind that the boat you booked usually has the next guest scheduled for later that very same day and we need to clean it thoroughly, check (frequently even service) the engine, the generator or the outboard etc. As you might have been happy to board the boat earlier and found it in excellent condition, so would the next guest also appreciate that very same gesture.


By Jelena at 28 Sep 2015, 13:01 PM