Coastal Gas Stations near Split

Sunday November 1, 2015

Coastal Gas Stations

Coastal Gas Stations in the Heart of Dalmatia (e.g. Split-Dalmatian county)

Friday afternoon. Split West Coast. Beautiful promenade summons you.

But you are stuck in a queue waiting to refuel the boat, or you will be charged an approximate extra of a 100 EUR + the fuel cost.

The city of Split waits for you to explore it - the ancient parts incorporated with medieval constructions or Rennaisance or quite modern ones. Restaurants with delicious scents of freshly prepared sea food, fish or finest pieces of meat wait for you to come and take your seat. And all that is within your reach but you are still stuck! Never more! Here is a list of coastal gas stations in Central Dalmatia and a map to help you orient. 



You can refuel in one of them and use sails or very economic driving to get back to mother port and enjoy the Split city life.

This blog may also come in handy when you are boating in the region and need information on where to find the nearest gas station.

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By Jelena at 1 Nov 2015, 08:54 AM