How to spend 12 or more hours while in Split

Friday August 21, 2015

How to spend 12 or more hours while in Split

Split has developed from a transit point for the islands to a hit destination with excellent culture, culinary and wine offer in the past few years. Historic sites, rich night life, plenty activities to choose from... there are many reasons to enlist Split as a special destination to your itinerary or route.

Our marina welcomes all our boats (with a berth free of charge) that decide to stay longer in Split or return earlier.

Hour 1 and 2 lunch/ dinner in the historic core. There are restaurants for each taste, here are some suggestions and recommendations:

Nostromo offers the best fish and sea food

Bota Šare is an excellent oyster and sushi bar

Galija is one of the oldest pizza restaurants and offers the best pizza in town

NoStress café bar that also offers a variety of meals

Mazzgoon – offers a fusion of modern and traditional Mediterranean cuisine

Take your time and take it easy, you're on your vacation. The boat isn't going anywhere without you. Sip your wine/beer/cocktail/whatever slowly and enjoy the view and some extra time with your loved ones. Slow eating is in vogue and healthy!


undefinedHour 3 and 4Split tour. Explore the ancient city core on your own or take a guided tour. Even on hot days there is a cool alternative – choose a tour that includes a visit to the Diocletian's palace substructure. Walk in 1700 years old emperor's footsteps. Look at the noon praetorian guards' change and the emperor greeting his „subjects“. Also, don't forget to rub Gregory's thumb for good luck. The statue is located in front of the northern palace entrance.


Hour 5 – After finishing the tour you might as well do some casual shopping – souvenirs at the Riva promenade or in narrow alleys (local chocolate or delicacies made of figs, olive oil etc. are our recommendations) or if your timing is right you might even catch a summer sale of some of the high-street brands that are scattered along the city core. Bigger shopping malls are located further from the city center and require a bus or car ride.

undefinedOne of the best fish markets is open in the morning hours. This market is specific by the fact that there are no flies (because of the sulphur springs nearby). It is located in the famous Marmont street, on the western end of the palace. In the alleys surrounding it are numerous butcher shops. On the opposite end of the palace you will find a great green market with all kinds of vegetables and fruits. If you take your time and shop for your cruise there it might be a little more expensive but you will want for nothing.

Hour 6 and 7All Split is a stage all summer long – stadiums, castles, squares, galleries, beaches feature ballet, theater, opera performances, ancient culture, electronic music, jazz, salsa, country. Check the schedule take your pick and enjoy!


Hour 8 – slow coffee sipping „na Rivi“ (on the Riva promenade) is an art form. Make sure you have good company, sunglasses and lots to talk about.


Hour 9 – if you are quite ambitious take a walk/hike towards the city's lungs – Marjan hill. The view from there is priceless, pine forest scents along with crickets singing will relax you and give you an energy boost.


Hour 10play some „picigin“ at Bačvice beach. A local game that is played with the inside of a tennis ball prepared in a special way. The goal of the game is passing the ball among team-mates and not dropping it but also to perform as much attractive and awsome jumps in the shallow sea. There's also a world championship in July organized in Split.


Hour 11museums are numerous in Split – one of the most famous ones is the Ivan Meštović Gallery (near our marina). But there's also the Split City Museum, Gallery of Fine Arts, Archaeological museum, The Museum of Croatian Archaeological monuments, The Croatian Maritime Museum… the list goes on


Hour 12 – say your goodbyes to Split and Croatia and make sure to come again. There is no Fontana di Trevi coin toss to ensure your return but we dare you to try and resist Split's charm, gastronomy, diversity and let's not to forget the fact that all the best boats and cruises start from Nautika centar Nava in Split.

By Jelena at 21 Aug 2015, 11:05 AM