Check-in procedure

Wednesday August 26, 2015

Check-in procedure

Before your arrival

You can speed up the check-in paperwork by sending us your crew list and licenses in advance. The information we need are (for each crew member):

  • name and surname
  • date and place of birth
  • passport number
  • nationality and place of residence
  • valid boat operator license and VHF license number (if you haven't hired a skipper with us)

Arrival and provisioning

We offer assistance with transfer if you are arriving by plane or we can suggest a parking place for your car (a private parking is also available with a fee). We also offer storing your luggage in our storage before embarking and even storing empty bags when you depart on your cruise (depending on availability).

Pre-ordering your provisioning is a great way to save precious time when checking in. This way everything will already be waiting for you on board. In case you prefer to supply your boat on your own with some basic groceries for the first few days - some potatoes, pasta, butter, jam, bread, fruits and vegetables, meat and/or fish, milk, coffee all depending on your preferences, there are several stores close to our marina and you'll be able to find everything that you might need. All the groceries that need to be in the fridge you may store on your boat even before the check-in. 

Paperwork at the office

Nautika-centar-Nava-office-Marina-SplitThe paperwork at the office takes about 15 minutes and covers the insurance deposit, visitor's tax and some other payments, crew list confirmation and an introduction to our marina and the boat's papers as well as the weather forecast and other necessary information. Insurance deposit is the maximum amount that you and your crew could be charged. One of the most common damages that occur are toilet blocking – the safest way to save 200 € / toilet is not to throw even toilet paper inside. There's a waste bin/bag beside the toilet and all the toilet paper and garbage should be deposited there. Other common damages are losing cushions – you take it with you to the beach and forget to bring it back. One other common mistake is damaging the propeller by catching a plastic bag in the sea or ropes in a marina. We hope you'll be able to avoid these most common damages.

Official boarding time is at 17:00 h but our goal is, as much as it is yours, to get you on board your boat as early as possible. Bear in mind that the boats need to be cleaned, equipped and inspected before you board it, so the time when the boat will be available for boarding depends on the boat size, the overall state previous guests left it in and the number of boats due for check-in. When we are done with the paperwork we will try to give you an estimation of the time of when your boat will be ready for the check-in procedure. While our colleagues at the office speak English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and some Russian, our colleagues that will be doing the check-in with you on board the boat speak only English.

Check-in on the boat

Check-in-on-boardFor the check-in procedure to be as easy as possible we will need;

  • a clean boat with no luggage on board and with as few passengers as possible
  • check-in list
  • boat papers
  • the full attention of the person that will be in charge of the boat

You will go through the check-in list with one of our base employees and he will explain where everything is, how to use the toilets, showers, outboard, check the engine, refill water and fuel, the Wi-Fi device and the phone etc. He will answer any questions you might have and then you will co-sign the check list. By signing it, you confirm that you are accepting the boat as it is presented in the check-list.

In case you get hungry

If you arrive really early and get hungry while waiting to board – there are a few restaurants in the marina vicinity:

Zrno soli (a grain of salt), a luxurious restaurant with a great view of the marina and Split that serves classical dalmatian meals with a modern twist.

Velum, the closest to our marina, offers a wide selection of meat and fish menus and even pizzas at affordable prices.

Adriatic Grašo – magnificent view of the archipelago and a restaurant with over 20 years of experience.


Soon, a blog on the check-out procedure... Stay tuned!

By Jelena at 26 Aug 2015, 10:58 AM