7 must-try things on board

Monday August 24, 2015

7 must-try things on board

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If you're a first time sailor some activities might seem a little too much, or over the top, but as the days go by on board you might start to consider them. If you are already an experienced sea dog you must have crossed many of them off your list – crossing them once more won't hurt anybody – right?

  1. Jumping off your boat - Check the depth on the boat's instruments and try them all: dive, pencil, cannonball, scissors, twist, spin, 360, front flip, back flip, can opener, firecracker and whale flop. Let us know which one is your favorite and feel free to share your best performances on our Facebook page.
  2. Skinny-dipping - Find a private bay or the middle of nowhere or you can even wait for nightfall – after all you have all night, at least 7 of them. The feeling is sensational, liberating and unforgettable.
  3. undefinedCatch your own meal and prepare it - Purchase your fishing license for 300 Croatian kuna (it is valid for 7 days) at the web-site of Ministry of Agriculture and if you don't have any fishing equipment a simple string with a hook wrapped around Styrofoam (as shown in the picture). Bread crums or dinner leftovers should serve as your bait. Good luck and you're welcome to share (at least a picture on our Facebook page) your catch with us!
  4. Row, row, row the boat - Forget about the outboard engine and do some old fashioned rowing. It's good for your core muscles, back muscles, shoulders, even lower body muscle groups and it's an excellent cardio-vascular exercise.
  5. Read a book or two - There's nothing like lying back and diving into a romance/crime/adventure world, but don't dive in too deep, or you'll miss out on your own sailing adventure.
  6. Snorkeling - Experience the amazing underwater world... Fish, sea shells, sea urchins, octopus – all within your grasp.
  7. Race with dolphins - These merry companions love to race with boats and will certainly make your day. Though, they tend to keep distance in the summer/crowded seasons so make sure your route includes distant destinations such as Lastovo, Jabuka or similar.

By Jelena at 24 Aug 2015, 11:01 AM