A wide selection of engines, clucthes and Volvo Penta Z drives plus precise instruments and gears  were developed through enormous research and testing and therefore guarantee impeccable products. All accessoires and spare parts come from the same process - carefully designed, thouroughly tested and attested to ensure compatibility with engines and Volvo Penta drives. Non-original spare parts have not been attested and might disrupte this harmony and increase the risk of excessive wear-and-tear and that also means increased repair expenses. These are the reasons to use only original Volvo Penta spare parts and accessoires.


Service support stands for regular maintenance services and urgent repairs. Our company and other Volvo Penta services offer technical advice as well as spare parts.  Any potential problems that might ruin your plans for the season, might be avoided by inspecting your vessel before the season starts.

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Authorized Services

19 authorized Volvo Penta Services and our Volvo Penta Center guarantee an optimal service and spare part availability across the Adriatic. Read more


Barracuda Tour finally in Croatia!

Amateur fishing challenge brought to Croatia by Nautika centar Nava on 3rd June 2017! 4 crews with 16 participants aboard Barracuda and Antares boats

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Nautika centar Nava is now certified with ISO 9001:2015

Certified quality of service in Nautika centar Nava

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19th Croatia Boat Show in our backyard

Next week it's on - 19th edition of the Croatia Boat Show! We have great boats, attractive offers, excellent financing options and lots to discuss...

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